BTC All-Animal Rescue

Please call 720-432-PET1 (7381) with any questions.


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Codes of Rescue moral

1. All animals will be held in minimum 7-day quarantine in same state as expected to be adopted in. Fecal, urinalysis and snap/ blood test to verify no parasites or illnesses will be completed during this time and all treatment should be started.

2. If animals are under 16 weeks of age, they must be kept in rescue care/ Foster home until the age of 16 weeks when that animal can be fully vaccinated (Distemper, parvo, lepto, rabies, Bordetella) and altered before being adopted.) Rabies cannot be given before 16 weeks.

3. All dogs, cats and rabbits will be altered before being placed up for adoption in case of a failed surgery resulting in death of the animal.

4. All animals in the rescues care will be evaluated by a licenced vet and a behaviorist if needed.

5. All adopters must complete an application that includes contact information for references, including employment, proof of residency, personal and vet references. All references must be contacted and spoken to before application can be approved.

6. Home checks and meet and greets will be completed in person with a approved volunteer before an adoption.

7. All animals will be micro chipped to the rescue and it is our duties to register microchips.

8. All adopters will be informed of all disease and parasite control remedies possible.

9. All adopters will be given behaviorist referrals to lower chance of possible return.

10. All rescues agree to take their animals back at any time in that animal’s future so long as there is room for animal to be placed or they will be placed first on wait list.

At BTC All Animal Rescue, we believe that all animals deserve a chance at a happy life with a forever family. We work very hard to find the right match for each animal and each family.

It’s our goal to make sure that when we place an animal with a family that will be it’s forever home.

For more information, please visit the rescue website at

Bruno the Companion All-Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Bruno the Companion All Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We rescue domestic pets of all species within Denver and surrounding areas.

We specialize in rehabilitating dogs that need behavior modification and are deemed "un-adoptable" by other rescue and shelters or owner surrenders, each intake is on a case by case situation. 

Being a non profit animal rescue and rehab organization means that we only operate when our community supports us through word of mouth, monetary donations, supplies donated and with on going support from other organizations and businesses.

Our intake and adoption process:

1st. Secure all past knowledge of animal. Be prepared with a proper holding area for even the most difficult of animal.

2nd. Get animal on a healthy diet, to a vet exam ASAP and get animal up to date on all vaccinations and complete fecal test and heart worm test.

3rd. Complete 1-week quarantine for medical and behavioral observation.

4th.  Provide any training needed. For dog’s complete introduction to basic obedience and complete a Bruno Eval form.

5th. Schedule animal for altering, cold laser therapy for healing and micro chipping along with any other medical needs.

6th. Place animal up for adoption after all medical is complete and animal is healed to avoid any broken hearts if surgery is not successful.

7th. Thoroughly process adoption application including calling personal, employment and vet references. Acquire proof of home ownership or landlord approval. 

8th. Schedule neutral ground meet and greet for dogs. This is typically about an hour long and done at a park- doing in a public environment allows potential adopters to see how our dogs can behave as well as allowing us the opportunity to see how the resident dog/s behave and if our dog is a good fit for that energy.

9th. Schedule home check & overnight fostering to ensure compatibility.

10th. Start 7-day trial adoption and collect the adoption fee. Provide adopter any training and support needed to ensure clear communications.

11th. Finalize the adoption after trial adoption is complete.

12th We welcome all past adopters back for group training.