At Bruno the Companion, we believe that all animals deserve a chance at a happy life with a forever family. We work very hard to find the right match for each animal and each family. It’s our goal to make sure that when we place an animal with a family, it’s forever. 

Our rescue is currently foster-based. This means that all of our adoptable animals are staying in foster homes while they wait to find their forever family. This set-up allows us to really get to know our animals and we can honestly tell you how each pet does in a home with kids and other pets. We know their quirks and can help you learn how to best train your new family member. 

Most of the animals that come into our rescue are deemed un adoptable for a mutitude of reasons — we choose to believe in second chances for everyone! Our goal is to create calm, clear communication — and no animal needs that more than animals who have endured abuse, neglect and mistreatment from people! 
We offer comfort to these animals through volunteer foster homes, medical treatment payed for by donations, training donated by our founder Heather Harberg and thorough adoption processes to ensure that animals are finding their forever homes through our rescue! None of this is possible without volunteer help and donations! Please help us save lives!