Would you like to have somebody you can trust to come and feed your pets when you travel? We offer pet sitting services! We will come to your home and check in on your pet and make sure they've got food and water and give them some attention and affection while you're away. For dogs, you can also choose to add a walk for an additional fee.

Your pet sitter will spend approximately 30 minutes with your pet. This includes feeding and watering of your pet as well as a potty break and play time. We can also bring in your mail and packages (under 20lbs), turn light on/off for safety and water plants (within reason).

-$25 per visit.  
-$5 additional fee per walk.
-$10 travel fee.

Looking for someone to stay the night in YOUR HOME with your pets while your gone? No problem- We offer in home overnight stays as well.

-Cost is $65 per night. Approximately 12 hours.  Please call or email to schedule 720-432-7381/ Hello@BrunoTheCompanion.com

Looking for Boarding- Well guess what we also have that covered. Dogs are not locked in a cold kennel on concrete when they stay with us- they get to be with us as a pack. They can bring all their comforts from home or we will have it covered with everything they will need. Owners must provide food and anything specific to their dog but otherwise we have a warm bed, all natural treats and TONS of fun! 

-Cost is $60 per 24 hours. Please call or email to schedule 720-432-7381/ Hello@BrunoTheCompanion.com

Please Note: An evaluation with our behaviorist is required prior any service being provided. This evaluation allows our behaviorist to get a fair assessment of all behaviors and training needs for all animals in the home. The evaluation can last up to 90 minutes. It is requested that all primary handlers of the pet(s) to be trained are present as well as all animals in the household. 

$130 Cash only please. 

To get started, fill out our Welcome Questionnaire and schedule your Evaluation!