The Pack Trip is more than a mid-day walk! It provides a pack oriented adventure where your dog can work on the following with our Behaviorist: 

  • Leash Manners

  • Car Etiquette

  • Pack Etiquette

  • Public Socialization

Each pack trip can have up to 5 dogs and will visit up to 3 different locations per that pack's needs. We do like to expose the pack to daily lifestyle routines such as running errands, lunch on a restaurant patio and more! 

It is $50 for 1 dog, for the day. Each additional dog from the same household is only $15.

We will pick up all dogs for the day around 12 Noon and drop off all dogs by 3:30pm. 

Example of a Daily Pack Trip:

Today's pack has 3 dogs. 1st stop: we visit Chatfield Reservoir and work on dog park manners with the whole pack as well as recall and awareness of the trainer. 2nd stop: we visit the local Murdoch's and take a pack walk through the store, working on greeting new people as a pack and leash manners. 3rd stop: It's time for lunch! We stop and eat on the dog-friendly patio of the local Old Chicago and work on sits, lay downs and staying calm in that environment. 

Please Note:

  • Your dog(s) must pass our behavioral evaluation before joining our Pack Trips. If they need further training to pass, we are more than happy to work with you to accomplish this goal!
  • We do not visit dog parks with less than 2 acres of space and only if all dogs in the pack are ready for that environment. 
  • Up to 3 dogs are allowed per handler at locations such as Cherry Creek and Chatfield Reservoir.
  • Whenever possible we visit Non-BSL regulated areas. We avoid BSL when a pittie is in that Day's pack.
  • We prefer to visit local pet-friendly, family owned businesses such as local pet stores, restaurants and more. We also like to visit places such as Pets N' Stuff, Murdoch's and Home Depot. 
  • The Daily Pack will be location based. Exceptions may apply at our discretion. 
  • We will send out our list of Pack Trip openings via newsletter Monthly or Bi-weekly as needed. 
  • Cancellations: Must be 24 hours in advance. 

Download Our Pack Trip Schedule to know when we are in your Area!

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Start with our Training Evaluation

An evaluation allows your trainer to get a fair assessment of all behaviors and training needs for all animals in the home. An evaluation must be done prior to any training or service is provided. The evaluation can last up to 90 minutes. It is requested that all primary handlers of the pet(s) to be trained are present as well as all animals in the household.

$120 Cash Only please. 

To get started, fill out our Welcome Questionnaire and schedule your Evaluation!