Please take a few moments to tell us some important information about you, your home, family and lifestyle so we can make the  right foster-fit for you and the rescue animal you are interested in fostering.

The purpose of foster care is to allow an animal to live in a home environment while awaiting a forever home, thus permitting the rescue and foster family to evaluate and work with the animal to reincorporate them back into a social home environment. The exposure the animal gets from being treated as "one of the family" (walks, outings, personal attention, etc...) rehabilitates animals from all different walks of life to get them to an adoptable state.

Bruno the Companion considers our Foster Families to be essential to the welfare and proper placement of our animals, and wishes the experience to be enjoyable and free from misunderstandings for ourselves and our foster homes.

By signing this contract and agreeing to foster for Bruno the Companion you are acknowledging that you understand that some animals who come into our care have histories of possible aggression and bite histories. As our foster home you are required to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the public, your household, and our animal in your care. You are legally responsible for all actions made by the animal  placed in your home when in your care,  after you have met said animal and agreed to foster. All past known information in regards to said animal will be disclosed before animals are left in your care.


You can also see the Foster Resources we offer for our fosters as well as fosters for other rescues.