Understanding Canine Behavior Modification

$75 per participant

This is a public education class that will help you understand how dogs communicate and how they perceive our communications.

We will cover the following questions: What is conditioning? How can we use this knowledge to better condition our animals for the real world? How can we teach them to rely on us? 

We will discuss the study of canine behavior both domestic and wild.

ESAs, Service Animals, Therapy Animals and Comfort Animal Education

$75 per participant

What are they, how do they each work and what are the rules and requirements for each? If you want to know more about this subject please take this class. We are here to educate in this class, not to train you to be a handler. This information is for store owners to understand the differences and the requirements or for parents who want to understand the animals around them at their schools or hospitals. If you have ever considered having one of these animals to assist you, please take this class and let us help you do it right.

Understanding Training Tools in 2018

$75 per participant

You may have used some of these tools or you may not know what some of these are, but either way we are here to show you how they SHOULD be used and to discuss with you how to apply them correctly.

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BTC All-Animal Rescue Classes

The following classes are offered in support of BTC All-Animal Rescue.


BTC Rescue Volunteer Education

Learn how to be a part of BTC Rescue. Join us for a 30-minute breakdown of who we are, what we do for our community and how you can help.

Foster Readiness Education

$25 per participant
($5 donation back to rescues who have referred you to this workshop. Child ages 9 and under are free)

Thinking of fostering or already a pet foster parent? Great! Let us help you understand what kind of traumas these animals can come in with and how to not only communicate with them, but also how to be prepared with the right tools and methods to safely work with them through their healing processes.

BTC Rescue Event Volunteer Prep

Love what we do? Help us share our message by being our voice at public venues and events that we are asked to participate in. Consider joining our cause.