If you are looking to add a companion to your home, Bruno the Companion can assist you in finding the perfect new member of your family, no matter the species or age.

We help shelter and rescue animals find loving families who fit just right together!

The question I hear a lot is “Are pets taken to shelters because there is something wrong with them?” Pets are dropped off at shelters for many reasons and from what we have witnessed most animals stories show that they were put in the shelter or rescue by no fault of their own or for behaviors that can be modified with the proper conditioning and training. Most pets in the shelters are simply scared and waiting for someone to love them enough to devote enough time to make them a family member.

If you have already found an animal but are not sure if your household is the right fit, we can help evaluate and direct you to the right choice for your family.

Are you not sure whether your family is going to follow through on their responsibilities after adoption of a new pet?

  • Then sign up for our PRE-ADOPTION EVALUATION!
  • We design a biography of the ideal animal for your home.
  • Plan a companion calendar where we can assign duties for all members of the household.