Heather Harberg

Owner, Founder, Behaviorist

Bruno the Companion was established in January 2013 by Heather Harberg. Her love and dedication to animals started from a very young age with her family’s pets, Bourbon who was half husky and half coyote, Smokey who was a shepherd mix who had horrible fears of noises and her first family cat,Lucky who was rescued by Heather's parents after Lucky was found injured on a highway . Observing and learning to communicate as clearly as possible to these pets was very important to Heather because she loved them and wanted to be the best she could be for them.

At the age of 12 she convinced her mother to foster stray and abused animals of all species, from dogs and cats to reptiles and rodents, and all things in need of love and care. The experience from that taught Heather medical knowledge from Vets who helped her deal with things such as diagnosing, treating and healing from everything such as skin conditions, diet needs and physical injuries to the emotional healing which was the biggest teacher for understanding Behavior modification through a process of elimination and observation.   

Ever since then, she has never stopped opening her heart to all living creatures and learning new things every day. All the experiences that Heather encounters give her a great understanding when communicating with animals and the passion to want to educate owners as well as the public about proper care for animals.

Heather's first dog was a half Border collie and half Welsh Corgi, his name was Sneakers. He was all about herding the kids and keeping everyone in line! He was perfect! Unfortunately Sneakers passed away when Heather was in High School at only 8 years old. 

 Her second dog was an American Staffordshire (commonly known  as “Pit Bull”) named Bruno found in the middle of the street and was almost ran over by her truck.She stopped and there was this tiny ball all curled up and scared. Bruno was the most loyal and loving dog, and yet was highly misunderstood by society simply because of his breed. Bruno changed many people’s minds about what this breed is all about and helped guide Heather into wanting to continue to educate people even after losing Bruno to heart cancer at only 6 years of age.

Heather currently has a 6 year old deaf American Staffordshire named Lucky, a 2 year old yellow lab named Lexi and a 10 month old Goldendoodle named June Bug. Both Lexi and June Bug have been serving the community with their therapy work. 

Heather has rescued hundreds of animals and has worked with several other CO rescues to help save more animals and pass along the methods that when used correctly can help animals understand our needs and ultimetly save more lives. 

This led to the creation of Bruno the Companion as a business and as an animal rescue both of which focus on Behavior Modification using our BTC methodology- designed by the animals. 



Sara Nichols

Receptionist & Office Assistant

Ever since I was very young I have always loved animals and had a passion for them. When I was 3 years old I started showing a great deal of interest in horses. My dad couldn’t help but notice how much attention I had started paying to them. When I was 4 my dad bought horse property and from there my passion for animals really grew.


By the time I was 15 I had rescued a variety of animals from different circumstances and practically lived on a farm. I had horses, cats, dogs, chickens, goats — you name it. I loved animals and loved advocating for them even more. I knew that this is what I am passionate about and I needed to do something about it.

In December of 2015 I met a horse named Cappy. I fell in love with her and began leasing her from Heather. Mine and Cappy’s relationship became very strong and I knew I couldn’t not have her in my life, so after a year and a half of leasing, Heather and I decided to co-own Cappy and move her to my house with my other horse Feather.

I most recently decided to apply for a position at Heather's business Bruno The Companion, and accepted a staff position as a receptionist and office assistant. I am excited to grow with this company and look forward to being a lifelong learner.