Heather Harberg

Owner, Founder, Behaviorist

Bruno the Companion was established in January 2013 by Heather Harberg. Her love and dedication to animals started from a very young age with her family’s dog Bourbon. He was half husky and half coyote — thus Heather’s love for canines and wildlife began. At the age of 12 she convinced her mother to foster stray and abused animals of all species, from dogs and cats to reptiles and rodents, and all things in need of love and care.

Ever since then, she has never stopped opening her heart to all living creatures and learning new things every day. All the experiences that Heather encounters give her a great understanding when communicating with animals and the passion to want to educate owners as well as the public about proper care for animals.

Heather’s second dog was an American Staffordshire (commonly known  as “Pit Bull”) named Bruno. He was the most loyal and loving dog, and yet was highly misunderstood by society simply because of his breed. Bruno changed many people’s minds about what this breed is all about and helped guide Heather into wanting to continue to educate people even after losing Bruno to heart cancer at only 6 years of age. This led to the creation of Bruno the Companion as a business and as an animal rescue.

Chris Ayers

Dog Handler


We are proud to introduce Chris Ayers, our newest handler and service provider for pack trips and pet sitting as well as Heather’s training assistant.  Chris is 32 and has vast experience handling and working with animals.  He came to work for BTC after a family member worked with Heather, BTC’s lead behaviorist, to train their animals.  He was so impressed with Heather’s training techniques and behavior modification services that when an Animal Handler position became available he jumped at the opportunity to join the team.  He has worked closely with Heather to develop unique and effective handling techniques.  These proven methods create clear and confident communication between Chris and the animals he works with and have been demonstrated to be highly successful.