Does your pet have some unwanted behaviors? 

Is your pet fearful or aggressive?

Want to start your puppy off right?

We specialize in pets needing severe behavior modification including Fear, Anxiety and High Energy.


"Don't be a rude dog"

We at Bruno the Companion believe in using body language, positive reinforcements and balanced correction to create a positive relationship with our companions. We believe in treat-and-praise-based methods and positive kennel training. Choke and prong collars are not used by us to train. 

We do not believe that animals are bad or trying to upset their people but we do believe that animals can be rude and we do not allow rude dogs. 

No breeds are discriminated against and bully breeds have a special place in our hearts.

Understanding what leadership looks like between you and your companion: It is not dominating, or ruling your dog, it is about creating a relationship with them and a level of respect that they feel, and in turn they look to you — their human — to guide them, protect them and provide for them. When your dog understands these components they calm down, they listen and watch you to see what you are asking of them.

Nothing is impossible with Bruno the Companion by your side!

We train by figuring out what is important to your dog and use that to get them to focus on their owner and reward them when the new behavior — the wanted behavior — is shown. We have the belief system that animals work harder if they have love and leadership to learn from.  

Our clients must be willing and dedicated to put the past behind them and strive for a happy and positive balance in their home between their companions and themselves.

Every household needs different companions. Let us know what your household needs and we will get you there!

Bruno the Companion All Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We rescue domestic pets of all species within Denver and surrounding areas.

We specialize in rehabilitating dogs that need behavior modification and are deemed "unadoptable" by other rescue and shelters. 

For Wildlife Rescue please contact: