Does your pet have some unwanted behaviors? 

Is your pet fearful or reactive?

Want to start your puppy off right?

We specialize in pets needing severe behavior modification including fear, anxiety and high energy.

"Nothing is impossible with Bruno the Companion by your side!" -Client from 2017



"We teach animals and people to take a breath and request one thing at a time" - Heather (Founder)  

We at Bruno the Companion believe in using eye contact, touch and vocalization for clear, calm communication to create a positive relationship with our companions using our BTC methods.  When your animal understands these components they calm down, they listen and watch you to see what you are asking of them.

"No rude dogs" is something that you will here our founder, Heather say when working with her animals. Her beliefs are that animals can be capable of behavior modification and through watching how animals interact with each other she has designed the BTC methodology using our 3 affections while applying levels of incentive into levels of pressure, starting at the lowest pressure possible to learn where each animal learns as an individual, not as a species or breed.

No breeds are discriminated against and bully breeds have a special place in our hearts.

Whether you are seeking help with your canine, feline, equine or small house hold pets come check out our workshops, classes,

training or volunteer opportunities. 

Every household needs different companions. Let us know what your household needs and we will get you there!

If we cant help you we will help head you in the right direction as we believe that we only accomplish great things as a community.